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We are very lucky to have such a dedicated team of doctors and nurses at Amberley Medical Centre. Most of our team also live locally and appreciate the importance of a reliable rural medical service.

Dr. Sarah George

Dr. Sarah George

I have just moved to North Canterbury from the UK. My partner Charlie and I decided to move to New Zealand after I worked here 5 years ago, and loved it.


I've been a doctor 8 years now, specialising in General Practice 3 years ago. I am excited to be working in a rural medical centre and am particularly looking forward to being part of a team. I want to get to know the community and build relationships so that I can give my patients a holistic approach to their health care. I have a strong interest in palliative care and am looking forward to building my experience.


Charlie and I both Windsurf, hike and enjoy being active outdoors. I am an avid runner, I've completed few half marathons and hope to do a full marathon soon.