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Autumn Newsletter 2017

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter!
This edition is all about Immunisation. We have included articles to give you information about the Influenza, Shingles, HPV and Chicken Pox Immunisation, take a look and give us a call should you want any further information.
There also a few new team members for you to meet and some exciting new roles within the centre.
There also a bit more information about how we've expanded the Patient Portal to include Nurse Clinics, and a bit about Vera's Au…

Summer Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2017. As always, it is bursting with updates and information to bring you up to speed with not only “what's new” at the our Medical Centre, but “who's new”.
Whilst December saw us wave goodbye to Dr Lucy Page-Dalton who left us to work closer to home; January has seen us welcome our new female GP, Dr Sarah George. Sarah and her partner Charlie, who is a Paramedic, have made the big move to New Zealand from the UK and are now in pursuit of a place to…