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- Counselling + Aromatouch Therapy

Counselling + Aromatouch Therapy Mary Hamilton Counsellor

Mary Hamilton is an experienced Counsellor, confidentially working with individuals to create sustainable, healthy lifestyles. She completed her training through the Institute of Psychosynthesis NZ and has been successfully applying the holistic perspectives of Psychosyntheisis to assist clients therapeutically in their self-development.

Mental Health is of special interest to me. I have a Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling which has complimented both my nursing practice and my own personal growth.

I believe that physical, mental and emotional health are deeply entwined and need to be treated in an integrated and holistic manner and this is how I approach my practice as a nurse and counsellor.

Psychosynthesis counselling assists people to develop an understanding of their life's journey and direct it more effectively, empowering the client to make life choices that will serve them, rather than limit them. Psychosynthesis is widely acknowledged as one of the most coherent and effective frameworks of psychology.

This service is useful in times of:Relationship Counselling

  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Work Stress
  • Grief / Trauma
  • Parental Stress
  • Relationship Issues
  • Conflict ResolutionCounselling Support
  • Life Coaching / Motivation
  • Improving Communication

Aromatouch TherapyThe Aroma Touch technique is a clinical approach to applying organic and therapeutically certified essential oils along energy meridians (points) and visceral (muscular) contact points of the back and feet.

We all experience moments of disconnectedness or elevated levels of anxiety. The Aroma Touch technique creates a sense of wellbeing through its calming action, promoting a feeling of tranquility and creating a sense of balance in multiple body systems. It is a wonderful and simple way to relieve physical and emotional stress.

For more information about Mary’s services or for an appointment call 03 314 8504.