Our Services

- Nutrition and Lifestyle Clinics

Nutrition and Lifestyle ClinicNutrition, and you.

Eating well improves your overall health, gives you more energy and makes you feel great.

Our nutrition services can assist you with:

  • Establishing a health relationship with food
  • Nutrition which supports mental wellbeing
  • Diet free approach to health - intuitive eating
  • Pre-diabetes + Type 2 Diabetes Management
  • Weight Management
  • Family Nutrition
  • General Health + Fitness
  • Food intolerances + gut health
  • Workplace Wellness

Kiera Joblin is a degree qualified nutritionist with a passion for promoting physical and mental health through simple, sustainable and affordable nutrition practices.

Kiera promotes a diet free approach, focusing on positive body image and intuitive eating, rather than dieting or restrictive eating behaviours. This approach allows you to find balance in your life and still enjoy the foods you love, while achieving your health goals.

Kiera Joblin Nutritionist

Kiera works with her clients, offering nutritional counselling to educate and empower you to take charge of your own, and your family’s health. 


My mission is to improve the health of all New Zealanders by taking the confusion out of being healthy and eating well.


Amberley Medical Centre works in partnership with Kiera Joblin to offer nutrition services to compliment our GP and nurse health and wellness practices.

For more information or to make an appointment call 03 314 8504

For more information about Kiera visit https://www.kierajnutrition.com/