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Book an Appointment Online

Our online booking service is free and easy to sign up.


On-Line Appointments

This service allows enrolled patients to make a booking for themselves or a family member with one of our GPs.  

Repeat Prescriptions

You can use this service to order your repeat prescription (prior approval from your GP and have been seen within the last six months.  Prescriptions will take 24 hours to process.

Test Results

Register to access your test results on-line. 

Our on-line booking service is free and easy to sign up.  All you need is an email address and mobile phone.


NOTE : This service is for enrolled patients only.

* If you are not a registered patient, please phone 03 314 8504 to make a booking. If you would like to register with us, please download our enrolment form and either send it or bring it in to us.


Before you click on the link below, please read the following:

  1. This service allows you to make a booking with our GP Doctors. When you make a booking, we strongly advise that you consider the following:

    1. Book with your regular doctor - this is better for your continuity of care. 
    2. Appointments are 15 minutes long. If you require a Medical, Minor Surgery or double appointment (30 minutes) please phone 03 314 8504 to make your booking.
    3. Please use the optional facility of informing us for the reason for your visit - this helps us to ensure that you have booked the correct appointment.
    4. If you are making a booking for a family member please ensure that they are registered with us.
    5. If you wish to book a child immunisations, please do not use this online service - instead phone us on 03 314 8504. These appointments are arranged by the nurse and we will contact you about this.
    6. Please be aware that 11 year old immunisations, Travel immunisations, Cervical Smears are Nurse Clinic appointments and cannot be booked using the online service.
  2. If you do not require your booking please ensure that you cancel at least 2 hours prior to the appointment.

Continue Your Booking

This link will take you to ConnectMed, our secure patient portal.

** Should you be unable to sign up, it may be because your contact details are out of date in our system. Please call us on 03 314 8504 to update your details.